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Town of Písek

One of the most visited and architecturally most beautiful Bohemian towns is the former district seat that lies in the heart of Southern Bohemia. Town of Písek is located on the road connecting Prague with the town of České Budějovice, approximately one hundred kilometres from the capital city and fifty kilometres north from the South Bohemian metropolis.

Bohemia has always held a reputation as a gold-bearing country. Gold was mined here, but it was also panned from the alluvial gravel and sand of many rivers. The lower sections of the Otava River were rich in gold flakes, so the panning areas in this area soon became strategically important, so the Czech rulers founded a protective castle and royal town here sometime in the early 13th century. The word "Písek" literally means "sand", so it's likely that the town was named after the river's rich sand that prompted the town's foundation and provided its wealth for so many centuries. The city also lay on one of the branches of the "Gold" trade route, so it's little wonder that the city quickly flourished and enjoyed the favour of the Czech rulers.

The Písek of today

Today, all the gold is gone from the Otava River, and the once busy commercial traffic on the Gold Route has quieted, but the royal city Písek still stands proudly on the banks of the river. The Písek of today, though, is more than just past history and the oldest preserved bridge in Bohemia. It's a lively "city in a sea of forests", a city of schools and students, and a city beloved by retirees, a popular tourist destination, and a quiet and pleasant summer spot. Does all this seem like an exaggeration? There's no simpler way to find out for yourself than to come visit Písek, just an hour's ride from Prague and still amidst the magnificent landscape of South Bohemia...

Písek was awarded in 2012 as the "best city to live in" in the category of cities with 20-50,000 residents, based on a study by the renowned international company KPMG ČR.

Municipal Office of Písek

Velké náměstí 114/3 e-mail: e-podatelna@mupisek.cz
397 19 Písek www.mesto-pisek.cz

Basic information about the town of Písek

Cadastral area: 63,22 km²
Number of inhabitants: 29 880 (2011)
Geographic latitude: 49° 18' 32" N
Geographic longitude: 14° 8' 52" E