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Culture in Písek

Písek offers many opportunities for education and spending one’s leisure time. Regular lectures on history, literature and travelling are held by the Municipal Library on Alšovo náměstí (Aleš Square) and by the Prácheňské (Prácheň) Museum, which also organizes regular exhibitions. The Portyč Gallery can be found close to the Otava River near the Nový (New) Bridge. Interesting exhibitions can be seen in the Sladovna (Malt House). Its exhibition halls have replaced former malt production for the local town brewery.

Pleasant evenings in Písek can be spent in the Divadlo Fráni Šrámka (Fráňa Šrámek Theatre), in the Divadlo Pod Čarou (Under the Line Theatre) or in the Portyč cinema, which passes the baton of showing films to the Letní kino (Summer Cinema) during the summer holidays. Evenings full of dancing and music can be enjoyed in the Kulturní Dům (House of Culture) on the bank of the Otava River.

Traditional Events in Písek

III. International Meeting of the accordionists international events in the House of Culture in Písek
V. Cipískoviště opening of the tourist season
V. Šrámek's Písek national show of amateur theatre
VI. Town Festival "Touch the Sand" the traditional Town Festival in Písek
VII.-VIII. Cultural Summer in Písek concerts and other cultural events
VIII. Gold panning on the river Otava gold-washing competition in Kestřany
VIII. International Folklore Festival folk dances and songs
IX. European Heritage Days Special days, when the public can visit most interesting historical heritage buildings and town-areas, including those that under normal circumstances are only partially accessible or completely inaccessible.
X. International Festival of Student's films unique films from around the world
X. Písecké dupání Line dance World Championships competition
X. Around America Running Race third oldest running race in the Czech Republic
XI. Let´s Dance show all styles of modern dance
XII. Advent in Písek rich Christmas program for the whole family

The current cultural program of Písek town, please see the Calendar of events.


The event traditionally takes place in May and marks the beginning of the tourist season. Its main attractions are sculptures made of sand brought onto the embankment on the left bank of the Otava River, just next to the Stone Bridge. Cipískoviště and its accompanying events are focused on a different theme every year – in 2013, for example, the sand sculptures will be created to celebrate the 770th anniversary of the first written mention of the city.

Šrámkův Písek (Šrámek's Písek)

This is a nationwide presentation of experimental theatres which "provides a glimpse into the artistic work of amateur theatres from all corners of our republic". The event has no age or genre limitations, and the year 2012 marked the 51st year of the festival.

Dotkni se Písku (Touch the Sand)

This municipal festival saw its twentieth year in 2012 and offers a rich program spread out over several locations. Every visitor to the festival is sure to find his favourite activity. A different historical theme is chosen for the festival each year; 2012, for example, featured "Living pictures from Písek history" based on Mikoláš Aleš. The festival was dedicated to this painter for the 160th anniversary of his birthday.

International Folklore Festival

This festival takes place every year in the second part of August and is one of the most important events of Písek's cultural summer programme. There are a number of international ensembles that take place in the festival, often from very exotic countries. There are plenty of ensembles from our native Bohemia and Moravia too, of course. The festival has been taking place since the 1990's and is organized by the folklore ensemble Písečan.

International Student Film Festival

A presentation of student films which has long since grown past its regional and national boundaries. This is a prestigious international event that has been gaining increasingly greater renown abroad and continues to draw the attention of a growing number of viewers and film critics. The festival first took place in 1997 and is currently organized by two Písek film schools – the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček and the Independent Film College.