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Písek - a Town in the Heart of Southern Bohemia

Welcome to the website dedicated to the town of Písek and Písek region. Tourist information portal Visit Písek provides a comprehensive tourist information about town of Písek and Písek region. more ...

On these pages you will find not only the most important historical figures, monuments and sights of Písek, but also tips for trips, events calendar.

Town of Písek


This royal town of Písek was established in the 13th century on the auriferous Otava River. Thanks to the favour of the Czech sovereigns Písek became one of the leading towns in Bohemia. Probably the best-known monument in Písek is the Gothic stone bridge, which is the oldest preserved bridge in the Czech Republic. The ancient town of Písek with a preserved historic heart gradually changed into an industrial town.

Events in Písek


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Further information
  28.09. - 26.11. Výlovy rybníků, Písecko
  22.11. 20:00 Maturitní ples Gymnázium Písek ~ 8.O
  23.11. 20:30 SPS + E!E – POGO TOUR 2019
  24.11. 19:00 Slavnostní koncert k 60. výročí založení Píseckého komorního orchestru
  25.11. 19:00 Fantastická žena ~ Agentura Familie Praha |C|
  26.11. 19:00 Jakub Smolík ~ „60“
  27.11. 14:00 Den seniorů
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Písek Highlight:

Do sports with us

Do sports with us

Date of the event: 1.1.2019 - 1.1.2020
Venue: Bohemia and Moravia
Railway Nostalgic Journeys

Railway Nostalgic Journeys

Do not hesitate to go to railway nostalgia and travel with railway historic vehicles that you will not see in normal operation...
Date of the event: 30.3.2019 - 15.12.2019
Venue: Čechy a Morava
Výlovy rybníků, Písecko

Výlovy rybníků, Písecko

Date of the event: 28.9.2019 - 26.11.2019
Venue: Písecko
Výlovy rybníků, Vodňany

Výlovy rybníků, Vodňany

Date of the event: 22.10.2019 - 22.11.2019
Venue: Vodňany
Advent in Písek

Advent in Písek

Date of the event: 1.12.2019 - 24.12.2019
Venue: Písek
Czechia sings Christmas carols

Czechia sings Christmas carols

Date of the event: 11.12.2019 18:00
Venue: Czech Republik
International Bagpipe Festival, Strakonice

International Bagpipe Festival, Strakonice

The bagpipes are a traditional instrument in the popular music, and the town of Strakonice with its surroundings has been a country of bagpipers since time immemorial.
Date of the event: 20.8.2020 - 23.8.2020
Venue: Strakonice