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Písek - Sightseeing

A stroll through the city

Havlíčkovo Square

Taking Karlova Street would lead us to the river and the Stone Bridge, but for now we'll go the opposite direction to Heydukova Street. This pleasant pedestrian zone will lead us to Havlíčkovo Square. This was named Floriánské Square until the end of the 19th century after the statue of St. Florian, placed here in 1735. This Baroque statue honouring the saint of all occupations related to fire (firemen, chimney sweeps, metallurgists, etc.) changed its location on the square twice in the past to make way for the increasing demands of transportation.

Písek Synagogue

If we have the inclination and the time, we can take a short walk down Nerudova Street and turn right onto Soukenická Street. This is where we'll see the façade of the Písek Synagogue which was built by the Jewish community in 1871 but only served until the Nazi occupation. Even though the building survived the war, it was not renewed afterwards. The Synagogue is presently undergoing reconstruction.

Before continuing on our excursion through the sights of Písek, let's return to Havličkovo Square then to Heydukova Street.