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Písek and film

One of the most well-known films made around Písek is called "Poslušně hlásím" (1957, directed by Karel Steklý), based on Hašek's famous novels of the Good Soldier Švejk. There is one scene shot in Putim in which an old grandmother is serving Švejk potato soup. In the book, however, Švejk receives the grandmother's soup in the village of Květov, which is also in the Písek region.

Film school in Písek

The Independent Film College in Písek was founded in 1996 by Vladana and Miloň Terč. The school is a continuation of a film school founded on the same principles in Zlín, which the couple also helped to establish.

A selection of films made in Písek

  • Kluci na řece (1944, directed by Václav Krška, starring Jindřich Plachta)
  • Měsíc nad řekou (1953, film based on theatre play by Fráňa Šrámek, directed by Václav Krška, Písek native)
  • Stříbrný vítr (1954, film version of a novel by Fráňa Šrámek, directed by Václav Krška)
  • Z mého života (1955, directed by Václav Krška, film about B. Smetana. The film shows nice shots of the Stone Bridge and rafts on the Otava)
  • Hogo Fogo Homolka (1970, directed by Václav Papoušek. The film "stars" the Živec hiking cottage, where dying grandpa Homolkovic is drinking booze with his friend and coins the Czech-known phrase that he "won't survive until the plum harvest")
  • Už zase skáču přes kaluže (1970, directed by Karel Kachyňa, the shots with the horses are filmed at the stud farm in Nový Dvůr in Písek)
  • 30 případů majora Zemana – díl Mimikry (1972, directed by Jiří Sequens Sr.)
  • Lístek do památníku (1975, directed by František Filip. Poetic film starring Karel Höger and several other excellent Czech actors)
  • Trhák (1980, directed by Zdeněk Podskalský. The film shows the Písek outdoor cinema)
  • Dobrá voda – 6th episode of the TV series (1982, directed by František Filip)
  • Dobré světlo (1985, directed by Karel Kachyňa)
  • Discopříběh (1987, directed by Jaroslav Soukup)
  • V peřině (2011, directed by F. A. Brabec, 3D musical comedy)