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Museums Písek

Písek offers many opportunities for education and spending one’s leisure time. The Prácheňské muzeum (Prácheň Museum) offers regular exhibitions in addition to a permanent exposition on the history and nature of the Písek region. It includes the Adolf Heyduk Memorial on Tyršova Street, where a large part of the residence of the famous poet and professor of drawing and calligraphy at the Písek secondary school is preserved. In June 1997, a permanent exhibition was opened in the power plant that documents the history of street lighting, including the technical equipment that supplies current into the mains. Here you can find

List of museums in Písek

and Písek region


Prácheňské (Prácheň) Museum
Prácheňské muzeum Address: Velké nám. 114, Písek
Phone: +420 382 201 111
E-mail: info@prachenskemuzeum.cz
GPS: 49°18'32.072"N, 14°8'47.817"E | On the map >>
Prácheňské Museum offers the exhibitions on the history and nature of Písek region.

Adolf Heyduk Memorial
Památník Adolfa Heyduka Address: Tyršova 438, Písek
Phone.: +420 382 215 040
E-mail: info@prachenskemuzeum.cz
GPS: 49°18'43.332"N, 14°8'57.251"E | On the map >>
The Prácheňské (Prácheň) Museum includes a Memorial to the poet Adolf Heyduk on Tyršova Street, where is preserved a large part of the apartment of the famous poet and professor of drawing at Pisek high school.

The power plant of the royal town of Písek
Elektrárna královského města Písku Address: Podskalí 159, Písek
Phone.: +420 382 217 034
E-mail: marek.andel@quick.cz
GPS: 49°18'27.904"N, 14°8'46.852"E | On the map >>
Plant site currently offers tourists a museum exhibition of old measuring instruments and other attractions.