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Galleries Písek

Písek offers many opportunities for education and spending one’s leisure time. The Portyč Gallery can be found in Písek close to the Otava River near the Nový (New) Bridge. Interesting exhibitions can be seen in Písek in the Sladovna (Malt House). Its exhibition halls have replaced former malt production for the local town brewery. Here you can find

List of galleries in Písek

and Písek region


Sladovna (The Malt House) Písek
Sladovna Písek Address: Velké náměstí 113, Písek
Phone: +420 387 999 999
E-mail: info@sladovna.cz
GPS: 49°18'30.344"N, 14°8'47.141"E | On the map >>
Permanent expositions, interesting exhibitions, art workshops, discussions and concerts.

Portyč Gallery Písek
Galerie Portyč Písek Address: Čechova 406/9, Písek
Phone: +420 382 271 277
E-mail: galerie@centrumkultury.cz
GPS: 49°18'41.185"N, 14°8'37.741"E | On the map >>
The presentation of art works by contemporary artists.