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Famous people of Písek and the Písek region

ALEŠ Mikoláš (1852–1913) native of the town of Mirotice, painter, drawing artist and illustrator; his cartoons ornament the façade of the hotel Dvořáček (Otava) in Písek.
BEČKA Jan (1813–1886) the architect of neo-classicist buildings in Písek.
BRANDEJS Metoděj (1872–1932) mayor of Písek, deserves the credit for building the new theatre, footbridges across the island, and residential houses in Písek.
CÍZA Vít (1791–1864) minister in the town of Albrechtice nad Vltavou, the creator of a unique cemetery complex with chapels ornamented with murals and inscriptions of verses.
ČAREK Jan (1898–1966) native of the town of Heřmaň near Protivín, poet.
DRAGOUN František Roman (1916–2005) academic painter, noteworthy painter of portraits and landscapes.
DVOŘÁČEK Rudolf (1848–1917) patron of art, co-founder of the Otakar Ševčík Music School; had the hotel Otava built (formerly named Dvořáček).
DVOŘÁK Josef (1840–1912) professor, developed education in Písek and popularised art.
FRIŠOVÁ Emílie (1840–1920) ethnology worker, founded the South Bohemian folk culture collection.
HAVLÍČEK Vilém (1826–1876) forest reeve, pioneer of modern methods in Písek forestry.
HEYDUK Adolf (1835–1923) poet, representative of the May School (Jan Neruda, Karolína Světlá, Vítězslav Hálek and others). He was born in the east Czech village of Předhradí near Skuteč (formerly Rychmburk). He lived in Písek from 1860, when he accepted the teacher's position of drawing, calligraphy, and architecture at the local Hoch Realschule until his death.
HRUŠKA Jan (1856–1939) editor and publisher of Písek newspapers.
JANOTA Vojtěch (1828–1907) national revivalist and cultural worker, founded the magazines Poutník od Otavy (Pilgrim from Otava) and Otavan (Otava Native).
KODL Jan (1855–1903) designer of railways and builder of new districts in Písek.
KRÁL František (1892–1980 native of the town of Albrechtice nad Vltavou, exponent of Czech veterinary medicine in the world, co-founder of the Vysoká škola zvěrolékařská (Veterinary University) in the town of Brno.
KREJČÍ Augustin (1856–1926) author of mineralogy publications; created a valuable mineral exhibit for the Písek Museum.
MATZNER Jan (1845–1915) historian, author of the Annals of the Town of Písek study.
MYŠKA Vojtěch (1814–1879) founder of the first children’s home, deserves credit for the national revival in the Písek region.
QUAST Jan Zachariáš (1814–1891) academic painter, renowned for miniature paintings on porcelain – e.g. the paintings of beetles in Písek Museum collections.
REKTORYS Jan (1841–1917) forest reeve in the Písek region, author of the first Czech publication on forestry, co-founder of the first Czech forestry magazine Háj.
SEDLÁČEK August (1843–1926) renowned historian, founder of Czech castelology (study of castles and fortified settlements). Author of the monumental fifteen-volume Czech encyclopaedia Castles, Fortified Castles, and Fortresses of the Bohemian Kingdom. He graduated from the Písek gymnasium in 1863, then continued his studies in Prague. He returned to Písek in 1899 and spent the remainder of his life here.
ŠEBELE Václav (1835–1899) academic painter, created the paintings with the subject of life in the Písek region.
ŠEVČÍK Otakar (1852–1934) violin virtuoso and teacher, considered to be the founder of modern violin teaching methods. He taught in Prague, Vienna, Russia, and in the USA. In Písek he headed up a private conservatory where he worked from 1907 until his death in 1934. His courses were attended by violinists from all of Europe and around the world.
ŠOBR Tomáš (1813–1873) mayor of Písek, supported education; a Písek primary school is named after him.
ŠRÁMEK Fráňa (1877–1952) poet, writer, and playwright. His parents moved to Písek in 1885. From 1888-94 he studied at the local gymnasium. He lived in Písek at the house "U Koulí". From 1894, when he left the city, he obstinately avoided the city and shunned all invitations for visits, sometimes responding to them with poetry…
ŠTĚPÁN Antonín (1866–1915) chairman of the National Musical Club Gregora, deserves the credit for raising the social level of poor people in Písek.
ŠTĚTKA Tomáš (1855–1918) academic painter of pen and ink drawings and aquarelles with Písek motifs.
TONNER František (1837–1934) principal of the Písek technical secondary school, member of the provincial assembly representing Písek.
WEINER Richard (1884 – 1937) poet, novelist, and journalist, Písek native. He began to write and publish his first poems while studying at the local Realschule. After the formation of independent Czechoslovakia, he worked as a foreign correspondent for the People's Newspaper. Even though he considered himself foremostly a poet, he is considered to be one of the best journalists of the First Republic.
WINTER František (1799–1860) pedagogue, took part in the national revival in the Písek region.
ZENKLER Josef (1841–1894) forest engineer, deserves the credit for the expert cultivation of Písek regional forests.
ŽOFKA Josef (1849–1914) writer of dramas, pioneer of Czech theatre in Písek.