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A brief history of Písek

Interesting years in the annals of Písek

1243 In a King Václav I Latin document, Písek is first mentioned: “apud Pezch” meaning “in Písek”.
1258 The builder of the town, Přemysl Otakar II, publishes the first document in Písek.
1327 John of Luxembourg bestows town rights to the residents of Písek via an imperial charter.
1348 The first written reference to the Kamenný most (Stone Bridge) across the Otava River in a document of Karel IV.
1394 In August, Václav IV published the first royal charter in the Czech language in Písek.
1419 The local Hussites demolished and burned down the Dominican monastery and the church.
1489 Mikuláš Písecký built the Large tower of the Dean’s Cathedral Narození Panny Marie (The Birth of the Virgin Mary).
1543 Jan Kocín of Kocinét was born in Písek, later a Prague scribe, lawyer and author of documents.
1547 Ferdinand I of the House of Habsburg financially punished Písek, together with other towns, for rebelling.
1555 During a great fire, the school building also burned down; the new one commemorates this with the name Bakaláře (Bachelor).
1620 The Emperor’s army led by Count Buquoy besieged, plundered and burned down the town.
1652 The first written market rules were published in Písek.
1715 The Plague column with statues was completed on Alšovo náměstí (Aleš Square).
1741 The occupation of the town by French and Bavarian armies ended on 8 June 1742.
1750 Písek, after reforms, was made the seat of the Prácheňské (Prácheň) Region, i.e. the regional town.
1751 The town acquired a permanent executioner – Antonín Nimburský.
1767 The Baroque Town Hall on Velké náměstí (Large Square) was completed.
1770 The numbering of buildings was ordered, in order to count the residents and the houses.
1779 The existing letter collection point was replaced by a permanent post office.
1829 Up to 10 people were able to ride in the oldest coach on the regular line Písek – Prague and back.
1851 The first real Písek hospital started serving the sick (today the Municipal Authorities).
1875 The first train came to the railway station in Písek after the opening of the Protivín – Zdice line.
1886 The Municipal Museum welcomed its first visitors.
1887 The streets of the town became illuminated by Křižík’s electric lamps.
1888 A power plant was built on the right bank of the Otava River.
1918 14th October František Hanzlíček prematurely announced the creation of the Czechoslovak Republic.
1945 6 May an American unit appeared in the town; 10 May Soviet troops came to the town.
1996 President Václav Havel signed coasters in the U Reinerů restaurant during his visit to Písek.
2002 The August flood flooded part of the town, only the statues on the bridge were above water.